About us


LTD "Vilšansta LT" – Is a company that has extensive experience and qualified staff for building engineering systems, external engineering networks design and installation and performs maintenance services (operation), and repairs of these systems.

On June 2nd 2015 The Statybos Produkcijos Sertifikavimo Centras (SPSC) issued the certificate No. 7674 for our company, which gives the right to be a special construction contractor for the installation of engineering systems in residential and non-residential buildings (among them - the cultural heritage buildings), and the construction of outdoor pipelines, heat supply, water supply and sewage disposal engineering networks. We have the right to work in a wide range of construction fields: building gas engineering systems, construction of gas networks, heating networks construction, installation of boilers and heating stations and installation of building heating, ventilation and air conditioning, water supply and sewage disposal engineering systems. We automate and operate heat stations and boilers all by ourselves.

Company's certified design-production preparation department designers prepare outdoor engineering network (gas, district heating networks, water supply and sewerage networks) as well as residential and non-residential buildings, internal engineering systems (pipelines, boiler plants and heating stations, heating ventilation and air conditioning, water and sewerage networks) technical and work projects.

The certificates No. G-0365, T-1176 E-1987, issued by the State Energy Inspectorate under the Ministry of energetics, gives our company the right to operate natural gas installations, heat generation and transformation equipment, turbines and power plants. This field of work is carried out by UAB "Vilšansta LT" operating division, which provides services to all domestic engineering systems of residential and non-residential buildings, with the exception of low voltage networks. Therefore, customers who choose us can rest assured that the designed system will not only be qualitatively installed, but later maintained by qualified personnel which is the key to these systems longevity and cost-effectiveness.


LTD "VILŠANSTA LT" history, vision and objectives are encoded in its name. The PE "chance" was registered in 1991, the name of which would like to express the hope and enjoy of the opportunities offered in independent Lithuania to work not only "a government" job. This company began to engage in energy performance in 1994. Since then, the name has been understood as a code denoting Heating, Automation and new systems. The company's activities were mainly carried out in Vilnius, but quickly expanded from heat meters and heat stations mounting to engineering systems and network construction.

And thus in 1998 LTD "VILŠANSTA" appeared, which in 2008 reregistered to LTD "Vilšansta LT" and has maintained not only the original meaning of its name, but also the most experienced employee core. The company is committed to its customers to design and deploy the latest innovative engineering systems not only in Vilnius, but also throughout Lithuania. Our goal is to justify the customer's hopes and fulfill his desire to live comfortably maximally minimal use of energy resources.


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